The Change Makers Podcast

Ever wish you could join in on an honest conversation with people who just “get it” when you share your challenges in ministry, marketing and leadership? Or with people who tell you what their experience has really been like? The kind of conversation that makes you say “I didn’t know I would share this, but…”?

Us too.

That’s why The Change Makers Podcast was born.

Join host Ellen Graf-Martin, as she invites you into honest conversations with her friends – who are also really interesting ministry, marketing and leadership change-makers and ground-breakers, in Canada, and beyond.

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Cheryl Hotchkiss Change Maker Moments
Our final Change Maker Moments from Season Two of The Change Makers Podcast features Cheryl Hotchkiss, Strategic Advisor for Graf-Martin Communications. This episode is a must-listen for those who are existing clients of Graf-Martin Communications, as well as those who are considering engaging our services. Ellen and Cheryl give you an inside look at the
Change Maker Moments Gillian McShane
In this episode, with the help of Gillian McShane, we learn that it’s okay to tell your team that you don’t have all the answers, the importance of having trusted people in your life, and why you should adopt a growth mindset. 3 Insights From Gillian McShane 1) When a Leader Changes, the World Changes
Janet Noel-Annable Change Maker Moments
In Season 2 of The Change Makers Podcast, Janet Noel-Annable opens up with Ellen Graf-Martin about the resilience and creativity she has witnessed this season from her staff, volunteers, and the people supported by Christian Horizons. Before you listen to this episode on our podcast again, we could all learn from these Change Maker Moments
Toni Nieuwhof Change Maker Moments
Whether you have been married for 20 years or 2, Toni Nieuwhof, family law mediator and former divorce attorney shares her sage and expert advice on how to safeguard your relationship in these stressful times. This episode with Toni Nieuwhof is one you don’t want to miss as she tells us of 3 relationship pitfalls
Cheryl Nembhard Change Maker Moments

Change Maker Moments with Cheryl Nembhard

In Episode 23 of the last season of The Change Makers Podcast, Ellen Graf-Martin sat down with Cheryl Nembhard, co-host of the television show, See Hear Love and international speaker, creator and advocate for at risk youth and women. Cheryl spoke about embracing discomfort, and what true allyship looks like. Racial inequalities have been brought
Allison Alley and Michael Messenger Change Maker Moments
Allison Alley, CEO of Compassion Canada and Michael Messenger, President of World Vision Canada are two leaders who want to keep their respective organization’s mission on people’s minds. If you feel like you are on the edge of your leadership capacity, listen in. In this episode, Allison and Michael discuss why it is important to
Shawn Plummer

Change Maker Moments with Shawn Plummer

In this episode, Shawn Plummer talks about finding innovative ways to meet with people which has been exciting for them as an organization, and how Christ calls us to do things together as a community. 3 Insights From Shawn 1) Be Adaptable Food For The Hungry is a large organization that has teams all over
Anne Miranda Banner

Change Maker Moments with Anne Miranda

In this episode with Anne Miranda, pastor of Women’s Ministry at Village Church, Anne shared insight that will help you, your team and your organization come out of this season stronger. Here are three Change Maker Moments from Anne Miranda: 3 Insights From Anne 1) Empower the Leaders on Your Team As a leader, it
Change Maker Moments
            In this episode, Stacey Campbell of Prison Fellowship Canada gives us great insight into the ministry of reconciliation, the hardships of communicating, and our collective responsibility to end crime. Before you listen to this episode, here are 3 Change Maker Moments from Stacey! 3 Insights From Stacey Campbell 1)