Youth Ministry Online Summit

We want to reassure you and your youth team that you don’t need to tackle your youth ministry questions alone as we continue to navigate the pandemic together.

Whether you’re a paid or volunteer youth minister, we’re excited to invite you to Alpha Canada’s Youth Ministry Online Summit for Staff on August 11th.  

During this free 3.5 hour online event, you’ll hear from an amazing lineup of guest speakers who will answer your top questions about youth ministry through conference sessions, live community workshops, and personal strategic plans. You’ll not just hear from world-class communicators, but you’ll be guided through a process to help us all determine the problems around leading missional youth ministries and how to strategically overcome those problems. 

You’ll also be able to access awesome free resources and spend time interacting with Alpha Canada’s youth ministry experts.

We know you’ll be encouraged and equipped!

Register Today!

p.s. Attention Senior Youth Ministry Leaders, we encourage you to invite your team of volunteers to join Alpha Canada’s Youth Ministry Online Summit for Volunteers on September 11th.

p.s.s. Dive deep into the findings of Reviving Evangelism in the Next Generation, the new Barna report was created in partnership with Alpha Canada.