What is Digital Advertising and Why You Need It

It is estimated that 67% of people have been influenced to buy something after viewing it online, either through video or images. In 52% of cases, Facebook plays a role in the buying decision.

People spend more time online than anywhere else. To reach people as a small business or nonprofit organization, you need to be online. Having an online presence builds brand awareness which helps to increase leads and make sales. That’s why digital advertising is so important!

But what is digital advertising? Why are digital ads effective? And how can it help grow your nonprofit organization? Let’s dive in!

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital Advertising is the process of marketing through online channels such as social media, google, and more! Digital Ads can be created in multiple media formats such as video, image, text, and audio.

Why are Digital Ads Effective?

Digital advertising is effective because it reaches the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Digital Ads work by using Internet-based advertising tools to research, manage, track, analyze and improve online advertising campaigns through prospective audiences, specific keywords, and location tags. 

Digital ads can be personalized to meet the needs of your target customer. This, in turn, maximizes conversion rates and brings in business. And because it’s digital, you can track every step of the customer journey in relation to your ad.

How do Digital Ads Help My Nonprofit?

As Forbes Magazine states, Digital Ads are affordable, specific, and easy to use!

No matter the size of your budget, you can see a significant reach from starting a Facebook digital advertising campaign. And you can easily adjust your advertisements as your conversion rates change. 

When using data collected by your organization and social media platforms, you can reach a specific audience. You can run multiple campaigns simultaneously all reaching different audiences. The cool thing is that customers will only see the ad that is relevant to them. 

The great thing about all of this is that most digital advertising platforms are easy to use! Maximizing your return on advertising is where things may get a little more complicated. But that’s where we come into play!

Graf-Martin Communications has run multiple digital campaigns for our clients over the years. Check out why Facebook called us to find out what we were doing right with our digital advertisements. With a recent client, the CDN ad set achieved 6.49% and the US achieved 4.02% CTR per impression (with an FB average of 0.90%), and a cost-per-click rate of $0.69 (FB now averaging at $1.72). We were able to achieve 6X the results at less than half the cost of the average Facebook Digital Advertising Campaign. 

Interested in starting a Digital Ad Campaign for your nonprofit organization? Reach out to us to schedule a 20-minute consultation!