We’re launching a podcast!

Have you ever attended an event and found that the most valuable part of the day was an honest conversation over lunch about what’s really going on in your ministry? Or the challenges you face as a leader? Or that one of the best ideas you got was through listening to other people process their situation? 

I have. 

And every time, I feel less alone. Over a couple of decades of experience, I’ve learned that true connection and listening are some of the most valuable ways I spend my time. 

It’s hard to find that time, though, with a jam-packed calendar and only so much time in a day. What I’ve learned to do is schedule those one-on-one listening, honest conversations with incredible, change-making people into my calendar in advance. These conversations with other friends who lead, from coast-to-coast, have helped me grow and feel far less of a lone-ranger here in my small-town Ontario office. 

Those honest conversations have helped me navigate really tough things as a leader: leading through grief, the price of success, loneliness as a leader, knowing when it’s time to step out, succession, how to choose marketing activities with the most impact, and how to invest in both my family and my ministry. And since I know I’m not the only one navigating these situations, and that your calendar is probably pretty jam-packed as well, I wanted to make it possible and simple for you to join in. 

The Change Makers Podcast hosted by Ellen Graf-MartinOn Wednesday, January 15, you can start listening in on some of these conversations I’ve been having with the launch of The Change Makers Podcast: Honest Conversations on Ministry, Marketing and Leadership

The first three episodes of The Change Makers Podcast will be available on all major podcast platforms this Wednesday. I’ll be tackling all of those real-life questions, in brand-new podcast episode conversations with some of my friends in leadership – who are also real movers and shakers.

Each episode you get to join me in conversation with some of the most interesting change-makers and ground-breakers from across Canada and beyond. Some of the guests you can look forward to on our first season of the podcast include Compassion Canada’s President & CEO, Allison Alley, Waybase’s Tim Day, bestselling author Holley Gerth, and many more. You can look forward to new episodes twice a month – it’s going to be an exciting season full of inspiration!

Be sure to watch this space as we share our first episodes on January 15. We’re so excited to share our podcast with you and have you join in on honest conversations where we discuss ministry, marketing and leadership – for good.

Sign up for updates when each new episode is released! 

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We’d love it if you downloaded episodes to listen to on your drive, share with your team, and join in on some really honest conversations with people leading and navigating ministry, marketing, leadership in a changing world. Make sure to subscribe on your favourite listening platform or through the form above to get all upcoming episodes – we’re already planning season 2!



Ellen Graf-Martin

Ellen Graf-Martin – Founder & President