The Change Makers Podcast

Ever wish you could join in on an honest conversation with people who just “get it” when you share your challenges in ministry, marketing and leadership? Or with people who tell you what their experience has really been like? The kind of conversation that makes you say “I didn’t know I would share this, but…”?

Us too.

That’s why The Change Makers Podcast was born.

Join host Ellen Graf-Martin, as she invites you into honest conversations with her friends – who are also really interesting ministry, marketing and leadership change-makers and ground-breakers, in Canada, and beyond.

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TCMP 012
Episode 012: This week on The Change Makers Podcast, Drew Marshall, the long-time host of The Drew Marshall show – Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show, is joining us once again with his wife, Bev. If you haven’t listened to episode 006 with Drew, click here. In this week’s episode, Ellen is joined by Bev and
Melinda Estabrooks
Melinda Estabrooks is the creator, executive producer and host of the Canadian women show, See Hear Love . Her career spans over 25-years of broadcast, motivational speaking, and advocacy experience. In this episode, Melinda and Ellen discuss isolation in leadership, that it’s okay to say ‘no’ to avoid burnout, and the hard and important work of inclusivity
Episode 011: You’ve probably seen Melinda Estabrooks on screen or heard her on the radio, but in this episode of The Change Makers Podcast, you’ll get to know Melinda in a whole new way. Melinda is the creator, executive producer and host of the Canadian women show, See Hear Love and she previously worked for
James Kelly

Change Maker Moments with James Kelly

James Kelly is the Founder and CEO of FaithTech, a company pioneering a new way to share the good news about Jesus in a new era driven by technology. With FaithTech, James hopes to bridge the gap between faith and technology by empowering emerging leaders, hosting innovative events and building gospel-centered companies. In this episode,
Episode 010: James Kelly is doing amazing things and is a true change maker in the faith and technology world as Founder and CEO of FaithTech and we could not wait to have him as a guest on The Change Makers Podcast. In this episode, Ellen and James talk about artificial intelligence, how to accelerate impact
10 Podcasts to Discover

10 Podcasts to Discover

Many of us are housebound at the moment, trying to keep busy during this time of physical distancing and self-isolation in light of COVID-19. Podcasts are a great way to spend your time and there are many excellent podcasts out there. Today, we wanted to share 10 great Podcasts (in no particular order) from some
Tim Day

Change Maker Moments with Tim Day

Tim Day is the Director of City Movement and the Impact Network with Tim helps business leaders, para-church ministries and churches work together to advance the message of Jesus and mission in their city. Previously, Tim served for fourteen years as the senior pastor of The Meeting House, a multi-site church with locations in
TCMP 009
  Episode 009: Trust us: you’re going to learn so much from Tim Day in this episode of The Change Makers Podcast. Tim is the Director of City Movement and the Impact Network with In this episode, Ellen and Tim discuss engaging the next generation in the purpose of the church, why it’s important
Dr. Merry Lin

Change Maker Moments with Dr. Merry Lin

Dr. Merry Lin is a registered clinical psychologist with over 25-years of experience in counselling individuals, couples and families. She specializes in helping people overcome depression, anxiety and fear, abuse and trauma, stress, grief, marital and relationship struggles, parenting and family issues, and other life stressors. Her passion is to help people of all ages