The Change Makers Podcast

Ever wish you could join in on an honest conversation with people who just “get it” when you share your challenges in ministry, marketing and leadership? Or with people who tell you what their experience has really been like? The kind of conversation that makes you say “I didn’t know I would share this, but…”?

Us too.

That’s why The Change Makers Podcast was born.

Join host Ellen Graf-Martin, as she invites you into honest conversations with her friends – who are also really interesting ministry, marketing and leadership change-makers and ground-breakers, in Canada, and beyond.

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TCMP 19: Interview with Janet Noel-Annable, Christian Horizons
About Episode 19: Our guest this episode is Janet Noel-Annable, CEO of Christian Horizons. Janet opens up about the resilience and creativity she has witnessed this season from her staff, volunteers and the people supported by Christian Horizons. The COVID crisis has heightened awareness of the unique needs and experiences of many community members including
Episode 18: In this week’s episode, Ellen sits down with Shawn Plummer from Food for the Hungry Canada as they talk about how Food for the Hungry trains their communities to thrive in times of crisis and uncertainty. Shawn talks about how finding innovative ways to meet with people which has been exciting for them as
TCMP 17: Interview with Anne Miranda, Village Church
Episode 17: Wondering what changes leaders are making to help them make it through? Listen in to this week’s episode with Anne Miranda, pastor of Women’s Ministry at Village Church,  where Anne shares insight that will help you, your team and your organization come out of this season stronger. Here are some of the topics
Episode 16: This week on the Change Makers Podcast, Ellen sits down with Stacey Campbell, president and CEO of Prison Fellowship Canada. In this episode, Stacey gives us great insight into the ministry of reconciliation, the hardships of communicating the need for prison ministry and our collective responsibility to end crime. 2020 has changed everything
Interview Mark Petersen & Nate Petersen, Stronger Philanthropy
Episode 15: This week on The Change Makers Podcast, we are joined by Mark and Nate Peterson. Mark is the CEO of Stronger Philanthropy, a firm dedicated to providing professional philanthropic management services for Canadian foundations and major donors. Mark’s son Nate is the Program Director for Stronger Philanthropy. In this episode, we discuss philanthropy
Shaila Visser
  Episode 14: In this episode, you get to sit in on Shaila Visser’s great advice for ministry leaders in her conversation with Ellen. Shaila has over 20 years of ministry experience and is currently the National Director of Alpha Canada and Global Senior Vice-President for Alpha International. Listen in as Shaila shares what she
Episode 13: Welcome to season two of The Change Makers Podcast! For our first episode of the season, it was our privilege to interview Andy Harrington on what it means to lead during a personal crisis. Andy has over 32-years of experience in the non-profit ministry sector, currently serving as the Executive Director of the
TCMP Season 2
When we began 2020, did we ever think it would look like this? In light of COVID-19 and months of pivoted plans, lockdown and change after change, what does the rest of this year look like now? What does 2021 look like? For those of us in leadership, ministry and marketing, what does it look
Bev Marshall
Drew Marshall, the long-time host of The Drew Marshall show – Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show, joined us once again for this episode of The Change Makers Podcast. This time, Drew is joined by his wife, Bev, for an enormously deep, honest conversation about the cost of ministry, creating space for people’s messes and