The Change Makers Podcast

Ever wish you could join in on an honest conversation with people who just “get it” when you share your challenges in ministry, marketing and leadership? Or with people who tell you what their experience has really been like? The kind of conversation that makes you say “I didn’t know I would share this, but…”?

Us too.

That’s why The Change Makers Podcast was born.

Join host Ellen Graf-Martin, as she invites you into honest conversations with her friends – who are also really interesting ministry, marketing and leadership change-makers and ground-breakers, in Canada, and beyond.

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Mark Nate Petersen
During this past season of The Change Makers Podcast, Ellen Graf-Martin sat down with Mark Petersen and his son Nate and discussed: philanthropy as a social return on investment, why mentorship is important, and practical ways to increase collaboration between Gen X and Baby Boomers. Before you listen to this episode, here are three Change

Change Maker Moments with Shaila Visser

In this episode of The Change Makers Podcast, Shaila Visser discusses the shift to virtual community, the importance of taking a sabbath and how hypothesis testing allows your organization to be agile in a world that is always changing. This is a great advice for non-profit, ministry and church leaders. Before you listen to this
Andy Harrington
In our first episode of Season Two, Andy Harrington shares rich and authentic advice for leaders leading through this global crisis of COVID-19, as well as for those who are leading through a personal crisis at the same time. Before you listen to this episode (again), here are three Change Makers Moments from Andy. 3
Season 2 Wrap
“So, what do we do now?”  This was the question which inspired Season Two of The Change Makers Podcast. We’re grateful we had the opportunity to step deep into how leaders in our sector have engaged the uncertainty and never ending change of 2020. To help others identify the way forward, we asked ourselves, and
Interview with Toni Nieuwhof
Episode 24: It is no secret that quarantine has introduced a new level of stress on relationships. Our new reality includes staying in, makeshift home office spaces and families spending more time together. Whether you have been married for 20 years or 2, listen in to learn how to safeguard your relationship in these stressful
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TCMP 23: Interview with Cheryl Nembhard
Episode 23: In this interview with Cheryl Nembhard, she speaks about embracing discomfort, and what true allyship looks like. Cheryl is one of the co-host of the television show, See Hear Love. However, she is also an international speaker, creator and advocate for at risk youth and women. During this year, racial inequalities have been
TCMP 22: Interview with Michael Messenger, World Vision Canada & Allison Alley, Compassion Canada
Episode 22: Join in on Ellen’s conversation with Allison Alley, CEO of Compassion Canada and Michael Messenger, President of World Vision Canada. Everything about COVID-19 has been magnified for those who are deeply in need. Our podcast guests can speak to that. In the midst of this health crisis, Allison and Michael are two leaders
TCMP 21: Interview with Cheryl Hotchkiss, Graf-Martin Communications
Episode 21: In this episode, Ellen sits down with Cheryl Hotchkiss who is the Managing Director at Graf-Martin Communications. This episode is a must-listen for non-profit leaders, especially women who find themselves balancing their role as leaders and mothers. Leaders have the tendency to question their value. If that’s you, listen in and be encouraged
TCMP 20: Interview with Gillian McShane
Episode 20: In this episode Ellen interviews Gillian McShane who speaks about adopting a growth mindset. We’re in crisis management and a lot of self compassion is needed when we are navigating new waters. Our special guest today is life and leadership coach, Gillian McShane-Shields. Gillian offers expert advice for leaders who are feeling burnt