Change Maker Moments with Drew Marshall

TCMP 006: Drew Marshall

Drew Marshall is well-known for hosting Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show – The Drew Marshall Show. He’s interviewed hundreds of celebrities and cultural icons about their beliefs or lack thereof. Drew’s struggle with his own faith led him to leave his pastoral position in Australia and embark on some spiritual “stunts,” like sacrificing his eyesight for the last week of Lent, paying non-believers to go to church, and walking 1000 kilometres on the Camino de Santiago during a three-month vow of silence.

In episode 006 of The Change Makers Podcast, Drew talks about his personal struggle with faith, why pastors may be in ministry for the wrong reasons, and how evangelical circles can step up their game.

Listen and access the show notes here or search for The Change Makers Podcast on your favourite listening app (for free).

3 Insights From Drew

1. Doubting your pastoral capabilities? Pick up a magnifying glass to examine your own soul.

Who are you trying to fool? A congregation? God? That is exactly what Drew Marshall thought when he examined his actions, character and soul. Drew ultimately decided to leave his pastoral position after a heart-to-heart with himself. It is important for ministry leaders to look in the mirror and act on what’s in their reflection.

Drew Marshall

2. Doubt is normal. It’s actually more compatible with faith than certainty.

According to Drew, “the evangelical tribe is a tribe of certainty.”  By this, he means the logistics of Biblical stories can’t be questioned and pastors cannot have doubts. Yet, in order to believe in something invisible, you have to have faith.  Doubt is inevitable when you are dealing with something you cannot see.

3. Christian circles lack support for leaders that wrestle with their faith.

It’s problematic to wrestle with faith when your paycheque is at stake. For many pastors, it is easier to wrestle silently to stay financially afloat. Drew comments on how there is no support within the Christian circle for pastors carrying doubts. In fact, the only support group for clergy who are doubting their calling is run by an atheist group. We need to extend support to those on the outskirts of faith—not hide behind the façade of certainty.

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