Mark Nate Petersen
During this past season of The Change Makers Podcast, Ellen Graf-Martin sat down with Mark Petersen and his son Nate and discussed: philanthropy as a social return on investment, why mentorship is important, and practical ways to increase collaboration between Gen X and Baby Boomers. Before you listen to this episode, here are three Change
Today, we are celebrating the launch of Season 2 of The Change Makers Podcast. This season looks a lot different than the last, as Ellen and her guests mull over the idea of the ‘next normal’.  When we began recording episodes for season two, we knew that some profound leadership lessons were being lived out
James Kelly

Change Maker Moments with James Kelly

James Kelly is the Founder and CEO of FaithTech, a company pioneering a new way to share the good news about Jesus in a new era driven by technology. With FaithTech, James hopes to bridge the gap between faith and technology by empowering emerging leaders, hosting innovative events and building gospel-centered companies. In this episode,
Dr. Merry Lin

Change Maker Moments with Dr. Merry Lin

Dr. Merry Lin is a registered clinical psychologist with over 25-years of experience in counselling individuals, couples and families. She specializes in helping people overcome depression, anxiety and fear, abuse and trauma, stress, grief, marital and relationship struggles, parenting and family issues, and other life stressors. Her passion is to help people of all ages
Allison Alley Insights

Change Maker Moments with Allison Alley

Allison Alley is the President and CEO of Compassion Canada, a leading child development organization that is helping 2 million children in 25 countries learn the skills and receive the opportunities they need to overcome poverty. Allison has a strong track record of advocacy for children around the world and joined the non-profit world after a