Andy Harrington
In our first episode of Season Two, Andy Harrington shares rich and authentic advice for leaders leading through this global crisis of COVID-19, as well as for those who are leading through a personal crisis at the same time. Before you listen to this episode (again), here are three Change Makers Moments from Andy. 3
Today, we are celebrating the launch of Season 2 of The Change Makers Podcast. This season looks a lot different than the last, as Ellen and her guests mull over the idea of the ‘next normal’.  When we began recording episodes for season two, we knew that some profound leadership lessons were being lived out
Episode 13: Welcome to season two of The Change Makers Podcast! For our first episode of the season, it was our privilege to interview Andy Harrington on what it means to lead during a personal crisis. Andy has over 32-years of experience in the non-profit ministry sector, currently serving as the Executive Director of the