Get to Know Dan Wilcox

Dan is our Marketing Manager. He combines a heart for social justice with a strong background in communications, advocacy, and marketing. Prior to his experience at Graf-Martin, he spent 10 years with World Vision Canada, helping lead advocacy campaigns focused on child protection and child health, leading a marketing communications team, and supporting a stewardship team.

In keeping with our 2022 theme, Stronger, we asked Dan a few questions to get to know him better.

What is your “GO-TO” quote, scripture, and/or song(s) to help you strengthen yourself?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

At times, we can question the difference we are making as we work on a task or sit in a meeting. This quote is a reminder that our small actions can have a ripple effect if our desire is centered on creating a more just world.

How have you strengthened Graf-Martin since you joined the team?

A positive working culture is an important component of building a strong team. By encouraging our team to eat lunch together, we’ve built trust and camaraderie. This helps us serve our clients better.

How has being part of the Graf-Martin team strengthened you?

Being able to work on such a wide variety of projects has been invaluable. Whether it is developing a marketing strategy, executing a social media campaign, or working on crisis communications or brand, continued learning has been a central part of my time here.

How have you been able to strengthen our clients?

Clients need to know you have their back. As I’ve managed projects for a variety of clients, I feel like I’ve been both a solid sounding board for their ideas and brought expertise in terms of creating strategies that propel those ideas. I strive to communicate clearly and effectively and help our clients know what the next step in our plans are at all times.

How is Graf-Martin building a stronger non-profit sector? 

With decades of combined experience, we’re helping smaller nonprofits benefit from the combined expertise of our team. Graf-Martin is also a strong connector within the sector, helping to facilitate new introductions between leaders and strengthening opportunities for collaboration.

Dan thrives in collaborative settings and excels at knitting together marketing strategies that are complemented with engaging content and events.

Outside of work, Dan, his wife, and two young children can often be found hiking trails in and around Guelph.

Thanks for making our office a better place, Dan!