Five Steps in the Publicity Process

Recently the Graf-Martin Communications team were treated to a Lunch ‘n Learn led by our Senior Public Relations Specialist Paola DiClemente and Publicity Coordinator, Melody Reese. Melody and Paola are our ‘go-to’ people when it comes to handling media relations activities for our clients.

1. Trusted relationships

One of our specialties is working with some great Christian and mainstream media outlets across Canada to ensure that our values-based clients are able to reach the right audience. The trusted relationships we’ve formed with these television, print, radio and online media outlets are crucial to ensuring our clients’ stories are told to the people who need to hear them.

Paola and Melody gave the team some great insights on their piece of the integrated marketing puzzle. They follow a strategic process each time someone contacts us about our publicity services.

2. Listening.tin can photo

As Paola noted, “For us, a big part of what we do is listening to our client’s story, their goals and challenges and then developing a plan that helps them reach their goals while making the most efficient use of their budget.”

Clients have a number of goals in mind when inquiring about our public relations-related services. They include:

  • Increased sales
  • Increased awareness
  • Education
  • Dispelling myths
  • Donor retention & acquisition
  • Increase in donations

3. What is the hook?

Melody and Paola work to find a “hook” which will ensure our clients’ stories gets the media’s attention when we pitch them. If the story doesn’t have an answer to the “so what?” question that will engage a captive audience, the media is less likely to pick up the story. (For more information on how to make your organization newsworthy, you can check out Paola’s blog post on the topic.)

4. Providing all the information

Once a hook has been established, Paola and Melody work with our clients to develop personalized media kits which include strategically timed press releases, fact sheets, suggested interview questions and biographies. These kits are catered to each type of media to make sure we’re best serving the outlet and our client.

5. Media coaching

Once coverage has been secured, Paola will work directly with our clients to provide media coaching in preparation for their interview. This includes going over key messages, doing a practise interview with suggested interview questions and providing the client with outlet-specific tips. You can read Paola’s tips on how to ace a media interview here.

GMC publicityWe also offer media hosting services for our clients who choose to have someone accompany them on their media tour. We’ve travelled with our clients to each of their interviews, arranged transportation to and from interview, done set staging when necessary and helped with hair and wardrobe. Our goal is make the experience as stress-free and smooth for our clients as possible.

Throughout each campaign, Paola and Melody follow- up with our clients by providing detailed activity reports letting them know where their story is being told and to whom. They also follow-up with the outlet and answer any questions the outlet may have on our client’s behalf.

Do you have questions about what publicity can do for your organization? Is your organization is interested in getting some great media coverage? Don’t hesitate to contact either Paola or Melody. They’d love to work with you in developing an effective media relations strategy that suits your organization’s goals and budget.

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