Change Maker Moments with Toni Nieuwhof

Whether you have been married for 20 years or 2, Toni Nieuwhof, family law mediator and former divorce attorney shares her sage and expert advice on how to safeguard your relationship in these stressful times.

This episode with Toni Nieuwhof is one you don’t want to miss as she tells us of 3 relationship pitfalls to be mindful of during lockdown with your significant other.

3 Insights From Toni Nieuwhof

1) Don’t Get Stuck in Negativity

As leaders who work closely with all parts of our teams and organizations, it is easy to focus on the things that are annoying or unpleasant about the relationships we have with each other. Toni says that it is important to not get stuck in this cycle of negativity. She challenges us to find grace for each other, especially in such a challenging time, and to work on our communication skills with each other. 

2) Don’t Play the Blame Game

Toni says it is human nature for us to want to avoid pain, and more specifically the pain of self-reflection. This is when it becomes easy to move doubt and blame onto those around us, to avoid searching inside of ourselves to find the issue. Toni says it is important to try and avoid this and to be secure enough in ourselves to reflect on our behaviours and take ownership when necessary. 

3) Stay Connected

Toni says the third pitfall that we can fall into as leaders is disconnection. She says that it is easy for us to become emotionally disconnected from each other, especially in a time when we are all working remotely. She stresses the importance of finding ways to connect with your colleagues and teams to keep that foundation strong so that your organization can thrive. When we are disconnected from one another, it is easy for things to slip through the cracks and work to become less efficient. We are stronger when we are connected.  

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About Toni:

Toni NieuwhofToni’s extensive experience as a lawyer, pharmacist, and church leader has given her unique and practical insight into how people grow, emotionally, personally, and spiritually. Out of her practice in family law, Toni specializes in helping people leave their unhappiness behind, not their marriages. She is also the author of Before Your Split: Find What You Ready Want for the Future of Your Marriage. In her roles as mediator and lawyer, she is a steadfast voice for the well-being of the children involved.

Toni co-founded and co-hosts the Smart Family Podcast to help people love being home. Toni and her husband, Carey Nieuwhof started one of North America’s most influential churches near Barrie, Ontario where they currently reside.