Change Maker Moments with Cheryl Nembhard

In Episode 23 of the last season of The Change Makers Podcast, Ellen Graf-Martin sat down with Cheryl Nembhard, co-host of the television show, See Hear Love and international speaker, creator and advocate for at risk youth and women. Cheryl spoke about embracing discomfort, and what true allyship looks like. Racial inequalities have been brought to the top of everyone’s attention and the world is waiting and watching for a response from the church. Cheryl urges non-black faith leaders to speak up, “When you are called into leadership, you have signed up to live a life outside of yourself.” Cheryl offers amazing advice for leaders and organizations who want to take steps towards reconciliation. It was a great episode, take some time and listen in!

In the meantime… here are three Change Maker Moments with Cheryl Nembhard.

3 Insights From Cheryl 

Say Something

In times of trouble and times of strife, it can be easy to brush it off and ignore it. Cheryl says that as leaders, we need to embrace the discomfort, and be able to address the hurt that we are feeling. Cheryl implores us to stand up for what we believe in and be bold in addressing and calling out injustice in the world, in ourselves, and in our organizations.


Cheryl breaks down what it means to be an ally to our BIPOC friends and colleagues with an acronym:

A – Acknowledge racism in your lives and the corner of the world you live in.
L – Listen to one another and listen to diverse voices.
L – Learn and research the issues that are facing us right now.
Y – Yield space in your organization for diverse voices.
S – Stand alongside BIPOC voices.
H – Help push the needle forward.
I – “I will be anti-racist. I will do everything in my power to change the narrative.”
P – Pray for a better world. 

Be More Than Performative

Cheryl says that many movements surrounding the events of last summer, the racial injustice that we witnessed, were performative. Cheryl implores us to move past memes and hashtags, to actually actively work to better our worlds and call out the injustice that is facing our world. 

Want to hear the full conversation? Click here to listen in and learn more from Cheryl Nembhard.

About Cheryl:

Cheryl NembhardCheryl is an award winning Filmmaker, Playwright & Director who continues to make her mark in the Arts & Entertainment Industry. Cheryl has become known as an important Story teller in Canada; presenting her Art in creative, cutting edge and bold ways. Cheryl’s impact is felt far beyond the stage as she has dedicated most of her life to community service and helping those in need. For over a decade, she has been involved in the rehabilitation of troubled youth, former gang members, ex- drug addicts, rape victims and teenage mothers. Cheryl has focused her life to working and establishing creative spaces for them to discover themselves and find healing. Cheryl recently served as Artistic Director for Toronto City Mission; developing Creative Arts programs for At Risk youth & low income families. For the past 4 years, Cheryl has created & developed her own successful Summer Arts Camp program for underprivileged children. Cheryl was recently featured by CBC Toronto as one of 150 Black Women who have made a place in Canadian History. 

Check out Cheryl’s podcast, “On the Path