Celebrating our 10th Anniversary on 700 Club Canada!

It’s our job to make our clients famous, which means we’re often the ones behind the scenes making it happen, but it’s been fun to be on the other side of the camera this season celebrating our 10th anniversary.

This fall, Ellen was invited to join Lorie Hartshorn, host of 700 Club Canada, and share why she founded Graf-Martin Communications and why it was important that we operate as a different kind of creative agency.

From day one, Ellen had a unique purpose for Graf-Martin Communications. She’s been committed to building the kind of agency that she wanted to work at with a high value placed on work-life balance, growth opportunities for team members, and an emphasis on excellence and honesty. In addition to these values, she has a strong desire to change the perception of marketing, by demonstrating high-integrity in her business – showing how good marketing can make a positive impact.

While the growth over the 10 years has been remarkable, with a lot of change, we’re grateful that the core of our beliefs as an agency have remained the same.

To learn more about our unique agency model, check out Ellen’s 700 Club Canada interview, below.

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