Dreams. Passion. Adventure. Where will life take you? Will you go down the expected path or be taken in another direction? These are some of the key questions I’ve begun to ask myself as I near the end of my university career. Yet, never did I expect to have the terrifying, but at the same
New Name, A Clearer Guide to Being a Welcoming Community
Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support Renames as COMPASS Refugee Centre Highlights: Closed borders does not mean no refugees. Over 1,600 refugee claimants were already living in KW when the borders closed. They still need critical support as they navigate their refugee claim process under COVID-19 restrictions.  With a new look and a new name, Compass
Always Know...
“See Hear Love with Melinda Estabrooks” release featuring 50 contributors launches February 1, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON – February 1 – Over the last four years, Canadian faith-based television program See Hear Love has not just produced a new television show, but also developed a community of brave women and men who value honest conversations about justice,
12 Charities

12 Charities to Support This Holiday Season

Did you know that giving is good for you? Studies have shown that giving to charity, whether donating money or volunteering time, makes people happier. And when you are happier, you are healthier!  And, on a spiritual level, giving reflects the character of God. Wondering how you can do some good for the world, and
Season 2 Wrap
“So, what do we do now?”  This was the question which inspired Season Two of The Change Makers Podcast. We’re grateful we had the opportunity to step deep into how leaders in our sector have engaged the uncertainty and never ending change of 2020. To help others identify the way forward, we asked ourselves, and
Best Fiction 2020

Best Fiction Books of 2020

In a recent post on Facebook, communication pathologist, cognitive neuroscientist, and author of her new book 101 Ways to Be Less Stressed, Dr. Caroline Leaf shared how when she had her private practice, she would always ‘prescribe’ her patients to read more fiction and the results were amazing. According to medical studies, reading helps improve your
Cheryl Hotchkiss

Welcome Cheryl Hotchkiss – Managing Director

Cheryl’s passion is to motivate and enable Canadians to be active participants in local, national and international communities working to ensure full well-being for the least of these. She is now living out her passion as Managing Director at Graf-Martin Communications where she helps non-profit organizations and values-driven clients attract and retain critical support for
Spiritual Intelligence

How do you bridge Spirit and Science?

You Have the Mind of Christ and the Spiritual Capacity for Brilliance! The biblical promise of a “renewed mind” includes access to the mind of Christ, through the Holy Spirit, reveals our capacity for divine brilliance. The most creative, inventive, ingenious, imaginative, inspired, brilliant, resourceful, innovative, advanced ideas should be flowing from the sons and
Cause Marketing in a Time of Crisis

Cause Marketing in a Time of Crisis

There are hundreds of organizations finding new ways to give and offer support during this time of crisis. In an attempt to figure out what that means for us and for our clients, I have been able to share with our team and those we work with that it comes down to aligning what you
Melinda Estabrooks
Melinda Estabrooks is the creator, executive producer and host of the Canadian women show, See Hear Love . Her career spans over 25-years of broadcast, motivational speaking, and advocacy experience. In this episode, Melinda and Ellen discuss isolation in leadership, that it’s okay to say ‘no’ to avoid burnout, and the hard and important work of inclusivity