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We had been working with Open Doors Canada on their monthly appeals to fill in a staff gap, and they asked us to create a stronger marketing plan that their small team could implement with limited support from us. With a compelling mandate, strong content from international partners and a coming anniversary, 2020 represented an opportunity to enrich their marketing efforts.


We started by quickly reviewing their brand identity in relation to their Canadian competitors. This review included clarifying their core customers and external messaging including an update to their tagline. With a clarified foundation, we then embarked on marketing strategy development centered around the opportunity of their 65th anniversary.

We launched the theme of "One with Them" which communicated how Canadians had stood with persecuted Christians around the world for over 65 years. This theme and supporting narrative provided a strong platform on which marketing activities and collateral were created including a refreshed monthly donor program. The Open Doors team was given a reach, engage, cultivate and retain marketing plan that clarified which marketing activities would be done when, why and by whom.


The marketing plan helped the team, along with support from us, to implement a variety of marketing tactics that allowed them to increase their engagement with existing supporters and find new supporters. We created several templates to support communications implementation and tracking of different supporter groups as well as repeatable engagement activities that could be used in years to come such as a middle - high school creative contest to learn about and share the origin story of Open Doors.

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