The Navigators


When The Navigators approached us, they knew they needed a fresh brand. With a deep network of invested staff members, they wanted to get a clear picture of what internal staff and what their audience really thought of the organization and how we could position the Navigators brand as distinctly different, while staying on-mission and familiar. They also had to stay connected with a global network of brands, their distinctives worldwide, all while creating something that uniquely served their audience here in Canada.


We came alongside their organization and guided them through our proprietary brand process, uncovering brand distinctives, such as the core personality and characteristics of their brand, as well as clarity around the core program participants and ministry donors. We developed a unique voice and a visual identity that gave them a fresh look, while not losing their connection to a global family of brands and linking their brand to the global family of brands.


We were able to tie together their current perceptions as an organization and help them pivot to be better understood by their audience by tying together their character, personality, voice and visuals in a way that is authentically “the Navigators Canada.” We applied their new brand through a new brand playbook and visual identity, and equipped them with web and print applications for a big brand roll-out that helped breathe new life and direction to their work across Canada.

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