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With markets changing, Baker Publishing Group needed to find new ways to reach readers and book buyers across North America with their top fiction author’s new release. They also needed to maximize advertising budgets, to reach as many people as possible.


Using our demographic targeting plan, and the author’s social media following, and our experience with dozens of similar ad campaigns, we targeted exactly the right people, with the right messaging, at the right time, using the right social media platforms and pay-per-click advertising. This author’s long-standing audience was able to find out immediately about her new release, and new readers were discovered. In fact, our targeting was so good, that Facebook actually called US to find out what we were doing right.


The results were astounding! The new book "The Stone Wall" had a CTR of 3.58% (FB Average is roughly 1%) and a CPC of $0.26 (FB Average is around $0.50) At half the cost, and 3.5x the results, stretching this advertising budget way was beyond what anyone may have believed possible. And the most important result? New and existing fans ordered the new book, and helped this bestselling author keep her market position.

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