Branding Strategy

Do the right people really know who you are?

You’ve got some big goals for your non-profit this year. Isn’t it time your brand strategy made reaching these goals easier? We often hear things like, “If only people knew what we do and the value of it, they would be more willing to join us. If only people understood how unique and impactful our work is. I am so tired that other organization’s brands are more known and recognizable.”

You’re perfectly designed for the results that you’re getting.

As one of our clients says, “you’re perfectly designed for the results that you’re getting.” That’s why you need a clear brand, and a strategy to communicate it. Charities and non-profit organizations of all sizes have some of the same challenges:

How do we attract new donors?
How do we differentiate ourselves from other organizations?
How do we really engage our donors?
How do we build advocates for our organization?
How do we steward our time and donor dollars well?

We know, because we have worked with
organizations with the same challenges.

We’ve learned that a solid process that creates brand clarity, with a strong brand strategy, helps address all these questions - quickly. All it takes is the right team to get you there. That’s where we can help.

The Graf-Martin Brand Process

A simple way to help your organization understand your position and focus on a clear vision and plan for your future. (And, yes, it works every time.)

The Graf-Martin
Brand Process

  • Your team will be energized and hopeful about the possibility for growth and success
  • We will help you go from stuck, to unstuck- leading your team to greater success - right away!
  • Your team will work with more clarity, focus and alignment - so they can get more done.
  • You will leverage your limited time and budget to enable more effective growth in your support-base

We outline a clear, intentional 16-step process facilitated by our team.

Phase 1: Research

Phase 2: Brand Workshops

Phase 3: Refining and Expressing the Brand Identity

Phase 4: Testing and Confirming

Phase 5: Creation of the Brand Playbook

Phase 6: Brand Roll Out!

Ready for brand clarity?

Want to see the
brand process in action?

What They're Saying

“Graf-Martin Communications helped our team design a new event brand that is so beautiful and impactful that we will be using it for many other purposes. They were able to take an idea I could barely articulate and create the perfect pieces to serve our donors. We loved collaborating with GMC.”

~ June Dryer
Compassion Canada, Manager of Donor Relations & Fundraising

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