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A good integrated plan includes earned media, as well as paid media placement. We’re fortunate to have worked on countless social media pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and have learned a lot about:

A Solid

  • Being the right place (choosing your platform well)
  • At the right time (knowing how to time your paid placements for maximum impact)
  • Connecting with the right people (tested & proven demographic targeting)
  • With the right messaging (knowing how to connect with the people who care about you)

We’re really good at maximizing an organization’s budget - with exceptional results.

Years of building and implementing extremely well-targeted social ad and pay-per-click campaigns, and combining them with very strategic traditional advertising has made us really good at maximizing an organization’s budget. Really, really good - blowing past industry averages to get extraordinary results.

Our experience, with both digital advertising and traditional media, combined with the media and ad planning experience of our trusted partners, means we can take a good look at your ad budget and your goals, and create an advertising plan that works.

Need support with maximizing and spending your Google Grant money or even just applying for it? It takes work, but that generous grant can really get to work for you and your organization!

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“The Graf-Martin team made our recent social media advertising campaign easy to execute—and most importantly, we saw incredible engagement from precisely the audience we were targeting. Their results definitely exceeded my expectations.”

~ Wendy Wetzel

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